Criss Angel Levitation Through TV - Did it work for you?

Published: 02nd September 2009
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We all know who Criss Angle is. He is a great illusionist and mentalist and had done many mind blowing shows through his Mindfreak episodes. He also very well known for his levitation. He shows to the world that he can levitate and fly.

Criss Angel had performed levitation many times in his episodes. Criss has floated from one building to another. Criss demonstrated he can levitate more than 500 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard in the light of the Luxor Hotel and Casino. He has shown the ability up close and in person on public sidewalks and streets.

One of the most freak that makes huge controversial is his mass levitation. Criss Angel peformed Mass Levitation in MindFreak season 5 episode 3. It was a huge success, not only he was doing levitation to a group of audiences, he also guided people to do levitation through TV.

While many skeptics said that is just another bullshit, there are many people really believe in it. It is a hypnotic guidance and if you follow it, you can really feel relax and weightless (if you could not fly yet). Depending on your point view, the way Criss Angel did levitation guidance though TV is indeed true that can make you levitate.

The levitation is all about mind power. Based on recent scientific research, our mind can perform many miracles and levitation is just one of it. Actually, there are many people in the past time who could do levitation like Criss do, but they were not artists and pursuing popularity like what Criss does.

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